The issues of weight loss do not cease to worry the modern man. Thanks to the attention to our health, nutrition and lifestyle, as well as the work of professional nutritionists, nutritionists and trainers, we began to understand that maintaining our optimal shape requires a proper, systematic approach. Withstanding a small calorie deficit, regularly performing exercises that meet the state of the body, you can easily lose weight and not get it back because of the “yo-yo” effect. If you need to lose weight “for the occasion” and quickly – for example, you were invited to an evening celebration in a week and you urgently need to get rid of excess weight in order to look good in an outfit?

There is no “magic recipe” for simply dropping kilograms. At the same time, there are ways to quickly “drive” water out of the body, which gives an unpleasant effect of puffiness, reduce body weight and switch to one, and sometimes two smaller sizes of clothing. It is unlikely to succeed in a day (although it is really possible to visually remove the stomach), but a week will be enough. Even at home, you can stick to a diet, perform simple exercises and lose 5 kg of weight.